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Employment Reporting

I provide an expert witness service to litigation parties on pre-accident and/or post-accident employment prospects.

I can report on any occupation and have had experience of working on many cases involving occupations at all levels. I am also able to examine and report on the prospects for self-employed individuals.

Whilst the majority of my work is insurance and medical negligence, I am able to provide reports for other areas where litigation is being undertaken.

My reports are individually prepared and will typically include:
– A detailed schedule of the claimant’s education and employment history.

– A consideration of the claimant’s employment and earning prospects prior to injury.

– A review of the medical evidence with specific reference to what impact any injury might have on the claimant’s ability to undertake further employment.

– A consideration of the claimant’s employment and earning prospects post injury.

– Information on training and/or vocational rehabilitation services that would be available to the claimant.

– Data on disability issues and their impact on employability.

– Extensive labour market information on the claimant’s locality or indicated area of work.

I operate throughout the United Kingdom and am fully conversant with the variances that are found in the Scottish legal system.

A report will typically take 3 to 4 weeks from date of instruction, subject to availability of the client and all of the required evidence being available.