Why Choose Me?

1. Experience – I have been reporting on personal injury cases since 1993, through the Woolf Reforms and for Claimants, Defendants and as Single Joint Experts. As a professional expert I have covered over 1000 cases.

2. Personnel – I am experienced in Disability and Employment, with first hand experience of managing employment support programmes, working with people with disabilities and managing people. I am professionally qualified in Vocational Rehabilitation and have practical experience in rehabilitation plus extensive involvement in disability issues.

3. Understanding – I will fully comply with the instruction and will if necessary confirm my understanding to ensure that I provide what the client wants.

4. My approach – Wherever possible I interview the client to gain a real understanding of what his or her place was in the labour market, their aspirations and the impact of their injury and what transferable skills they may have. This all ensures a realistic determination of loss of earnings.

5. Reports – My reports address the issues, reporting them objectively, incorporating the facts which lead to my conclusions and then presenting my opinion. I use plain English, I keep to the point and I always write a balanced report in the knowledge that it is written for the court and may be challenged in open court.

6. Opinion – I will give a genuine unbiased opinion on the issues at point. I will restrict any opinion to those issues on which I am qualified to do so.

7. Fees – My fee scale is competitive but realistic, to reflect the quality of my work. I believe that I am very competitive and that you are getting a quality service at a competitive rate. My reports are specifically focused and researched with constant attention to the instructions given.

8. Research – All research is undertaken individually by the report writer and is an accumulation of many years of experience of researching and working in the legal sector and in the disability and employment sector. All statistics and earnings data are as up-to-date and accurate as is possible at the time of writing the report including evaluation of the current and future economic climate.

9. Service – I believe that my service meets that of the best in the sector and I will always endeavour to meet the requirements of the client.

10. Guarantee – I guarantee that my reports will meet your full requirement and that I will give any complaint on my service my immediate attention.